Extremely High Cost Of Getting Pregnant

It is amazing how little we know about our own bodies.We get symptoms like pain or nausea that tell us something is wrong but often there is no warning that part of our infrastructure is unwell.

This is often the case with our reproductive systems that can be ill without any sign to alert us we may need medical attention.

Lets face it we are not that kind to our bodies and it is not until we try to get pregnant that we find out just how much we have ignored or abused the very system we need to conceive and carry a baby for nine months.

Modern living is to blame for this as we live in polluted cities with factories pouring out chemicals and toxins into the atmosphere. We all seem focused on global warming but have you looked at the rising rate of infertile people in the world these days?

The way we live is affecting our ability to get pregnant and unless we do something about it men and women are going to need extra help to conceive more than ever before.

So many people trying to get pregnant add fuel to the fire by visiting a fertility center or clinic where they are diagnosed and then often injected with harsh drugs. Many are also referred to programs such as IVF (in vitro fertilization). As modern technology causes infertility it then tries to fix it with more of the same.

The drugs that are commonly used to increase fertility are.

1. Clomid ( clomiphene citrate) is a drug used for women not ovulating normally. The side effects include blurred vision, hot flashes, headaches bloating and multiple births. This is taken orally in the form of a tablet. Based on U.S prices a Clomid cycle can cost between $100 and $1200.

2. If clomid unsuccessful injectable fertility medications are used. Side effects are ovarian enlargement, abdominal pain, headaches, nausea and again multiple births. In some cases women need to be hospitalized to control the pain caused by the medication. Based on U.S prices these medications range from $1500 to $6000.

IVF programs can be very expensive but do vary radically from country to country. As charges will vary from one fertility center or provider to the next the following charges are broad-based.

U.S.A – $12000 to $13000 per cycle.

Canada – $4000 to $6000

Australia – $5000 to $60000

India – $3000 to $4000

United kingdom – $3000 to $4000

Sweden – $5000 to $6000

Japan – $3000 to $4500

Italy – $5000 to $6000

New Zealand $7000 to $10000

ivf cost

For many couples in these times of recessions and uncertainty finding this kind of cash would be impossible. This is why there is such a high rise in the numbers of people working with natural programs to try and get pregnant.

There is an ironic twist to this as our unhealthy lifestyles are one of the main reasons so many of us are now infertile. It is a throwaway world we live in but it has come at a cost and that is our present inability to conceive naturally.

Natural or holistic methods to reverse infertility are based on the premise that if we have not taken care of ourselves then Mother Nature will tip the balance and cause us to be sick. We are then usually forced to make changes to the way we live.

Our diets are often devoid of fruit and vegetables and our bodies do not see much movement as we sit at our computers gaining weight. Stress pushes up our blood pressure and puts extra strain on our hearts. It is also the cause of psychological problems such as depression and sleep disorders. It also is a major factor in more of us becoming infertile.

Because we are not able to see what is going on inside our bodies we think everything is okay. We smoke, drink too much alcohol and consume coffee (caffeine) never thinking of the consequences.

Poor health affects the quality of a woman’s reproductive eggs as well as the production and quality of a male’s sperm

The message is clear. We need to go back to the basics and work with natural methods to heal the damage done by our casual lifestyles. We do not need to take drugs that make us feel sick to get pregnant we only need to right some wrongs.

Getting pregnant should not be this hard. Take action now to get yourself in premium health and you will get pregnant very quickly.

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